Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Yellow Billed Hornbill

Yellow Billed Hornbill
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Chirundu Jason.

Not that this has anything to do with a hornbill, but hey, it is a nice photo. Anyway the national soccer team of Angola lost this Sunday to Zimbabwe, in Harare, by 0-2, a 6th round preliminary match for the access to the African Cup (CAN) and the world championship, both set for 2006.

With this result, the Angolans got their first defeat and lost the lead to Nigeria (13 points), who beat Gabon on Saturday (2-0). Angola is now in the second place with 11 points.

The goals of the match were scored by Kawondera and Wariruware, 59 and 68 minutes, respectively. With this victory Zimbabwe move up to the third place, with 8 points, now wasnt that interesting? Nope... well I cant think of anything else today, so it will have to do.

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