Friday, January 23, 2009

Translate Your Blog into 34 Languages

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I stumbled upon the Global Translator yesterday - A plugin for WordPress blogs that will translate your blog posts into 34 languages with the added bonus of being completely free!

I know that it is not going to help this blog, but I think it could really help my travel orientated blogs like on The Safari Holiday Guide and Beach Holiday Guide where through analytics I have noticed not only many readers coming from non European countries, but also that they then view my pages through the Google Translator.

For more information and to download the Global Translator follow the link below:
Global Translator

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What not to Wear on Safari

Just a quick post to mention a page that I put together recently, firstly on my safari holiday guide website: Safari Clothing Advice and then this Squidoo lens on What Safari clothing and Equipment to take on your holiday.

I guess I put these pages together after remembering an amusing couple that I collected from the gates of the private game reserve I worked on in South Africa. He was originally from South Africa, but now worked in Russia, in the casino business. She was Russian and worked in the casino...... I think as a dancer.

What was amusing is just what she wore, it was as if she was going out on the town, high heels, lipstick and not much else left to the imagination. I won't deny that she was hot... it was just a wee bit out of place!

Anyway apart from that they were a really friendly bunch and we had an excellent time, I just thought that she could have done with a little advice on what to bring to the bush on safari.