Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What not to Wear on Safari

Just a quick post to mention a page that I put together recently, firstly on my safari holiday guide website: Safari Clothing Advice and then this Squidoo lens on What Safari clothing and Equipment to take on your holiday.

I guess I put these pages together after remembering an amusing couple that I collected from the gates of the private game reserve I worked on in South Africa. He was originally from South Africa, but now worked in Russia, in the casino business. She was Russian and worked in the casino...... I think as a dancer.

What was amusing is just what she wore, it was as if she was going out on the town, high heels, lipstick and not much else left to the imagination. I won't deny that she was hot... it was just a wee bit out of place!

Anyway apart from that they were a really friendly bunch and we had an excellent time, I just thought that she could have done with a little advice on what to bring to the bush on safari.

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